Patellar knee support strap brace with open patella from ionocore®.

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Patellar knee support brace strap with open patella from ionocore®. Patella knee strapping for running, jumping, outdoors sports and pain relief – One Size


Patellar knee support strap from ionocore®

Do you worry about the stability of your knee or have niggles or knee pain when running or jumping? The ionocore knee strap will support your knee and give you back your confidence.

The ionocore knee strap is designed to evenly distribute pressure through the knee to support and stabilise the kneecap and reduce pressure on the patellar tendon.

Suitable to brace either knee, the ionocore strap is made from high quality breathable neoprene for comfort and support. It may also help to reduce pain from inflammation, arthritis and tendonitis.

One size fits most: 11″ – 18″ (28cm – 46cm) around the middle of the kneecap.

Each pack contains 1 ionocore patellar knee strap.

  • Patella knee strap for men and women with fully adjustable straps for patellar support.
  • Support the knee when running, cycling, squatting, jumping, playing basketball or other outdoor sports.
  • Recovery from knee pain caused runners knee, jumpers knee, iliotibial band syndrome, tendonitis, arthritis and ACL support.
  • High quality, soft, lightweight, strong, neoprene with double velcro straps. Breathable, non-irritatant, and sweat-absorbing.
  • One size fits most: 9″ – 18″ (23cm – 46cm) around the middle of the kneecap. 3-way compression to target right around the knee.

Additional information

Weight 180 g
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 2.5 cm

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