Knee Support Sleeve with Copper Compression

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Knee support sleeve with copper compression for joint support and muscle recovery. ionocore® highest 88% copper-infused nylon for improved circulation, pain relief and durability, especially if you suffer from runner’s knee or knee joint pain. Lightweight and anti-slip for maximum support.

Select your size below by measuring the circumference of your thigh 5″ (13cm) above your knee joint.



Knee support sleeve with copper compression for joint support and muscle recovery. ionocore® highest 88% copper-infused nylon for improved circulation, pain relief and durability. Lightweight and anti-slip for maximum support.

ioncore® copper compression support sleeves provide comfort, support and compression with the highest possible level of copper-infused nylon fibres at 88% guaranteed.

Compression fit to support your knee.Jet-black nylon/spandex composite for the best support.

  • you won’t find higher copper levels anywhere else
  • comfortable and durable knee sleeve – retains it elasticity and effectiveness – put it to the test!
  • high performance copper nylon spandex composite material provides long-lasting support
  • allows for a full range of motion with support and compression for complete peace of mind and muscle support
  • non-slip thanks to upper silicon lining
  • helps to prevent injury, support the joint and reduce recovery time following strain or injury
  • provides warmth and helps to reduce pain and inflammation, and increase circulation and muscle recovery

Whether you’re into sports, lead an active lifestyle or have a recurring muscular or joint problem causing knee pain or discomfort around the joint (such as runner’s knee or impact sports), ioncore® active compression wear is ideal.It can also be worn to support the knee after knee-surgery or if you suffer from arthritis, tendinitis.

Lightweight and slim

Unisex – ioncore® is the best knee support sleeve you can buy for comfort, quality and value and it’s suitable for men and women with multiple sizes available – simply use our chart for the right compression fit.

No irritation, no odour. Just quality unisex compression gear to brace your knee come rain or shine.

ioncore® copper infused nylon is also anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and anti-odour. It’s durable and can stand up to almost any activity you throw at it.

  • ✔ COMPRESSION & SUPPORT – ionocore® copper compression knee support sleeve provides maximum joint support and compression fit without restricting movement, mobility or blood flow. Support and reassurance for joint protection and recovery. Includes anti-slip silicone lining.
  • ✔ 88% COPPER NYLON FIBRES – Pain relief and muscle recovery with the highest concentration of copper infusion available. 88% copper infused nylon fibres help stabilise the muscle tissue and reduce swelling and pain.
  • ✔ ACCELERATE RECOVERY – Compression has been proven to stimulates oxygen delivery and promote better blood flow and increased circulation to accelerate recovery of injured or strained muscles and joints, as well as the joint pain associated with arthritis, bursitis and tendinitis.
  • ✔ COMFORTABLE & DURABLE – ionocore® compression sleeves provide daily comfort through the unique nylon/spandex composite for men and women. The lightweight and breathable high performance fabric means your skin can breathe whilst still providing thermal comfort to allow unrestricted blood flow to reduce recovery times and support the joint.
  • ✔ ANTI-BACTERIAL, ANTI-ODOUR – ionocore® copper fibre material helps to eliminate odours commonly caused by bacteria. ionocore® sleeves have the highest amount of copper available at 88% with a quality and excellence guarantee or your money back.

Additional information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 14 × 8 × 2 cm

Small: 13.5" – 15" (34cm – 38cm), Medium: 15.5" – 17" (39cm – 43cm), Large: 17.5" – 19" (44cm – 48cm), X-Large 19.5" – 21" (49cm – 53cm)


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