Knee Support Sleeve with Copper Compression

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Knee support sleeve with copper compression for joint support and muscle recovery.
ionocore® highest 88% copper-infused nylon for improved circulation, pain relief and durability, especially if you suffer from runner’s knee, arthritis or are recovering from an elbow injury. Lightweight and anti-slip for maximum support.

Select your size below by measuring the circumference of your thigh 5″ (13cm) above your knee joint.



Does your knee ache during or after exercise or strenuous movement? Do you suffer from arthritis-related pain? Are you looking for peace of mind when running or jumping?

Introducing the knee compression support sleeve for knee support, compression and recovery from runners knee, arthritis, tendonitis, cruciate ligament stabilisation, post-surgery and general knee pain, discomfort or injury.

  • Slimline, lightweight and anti-slip nylon/spandex for a strong and comfortable knee brace which retains its elasticity and effectiveness with a double silicon wave top lining so it stays in place.
  • High performance allowing a full range of leg motion whilst providing support and compression for complete peace of mind.
  • Muscle support to help prevent injury and reduce recovery time following strain.
  • Provides warmth to help reduce knee discomfort, reduce pain, reduce inflammation and increase circulation for muscle recovery and the best knee support.
  • ionocore® 88% copper nylon material is anti-bacterial and anti-odour.
  • Unisex for men and women and available in 4 sizes – choose using the size guide.

Whether you’re into sports, lead an active lifestyle or have a recurring muscular or joint problem causing knee pain, ionocore® active compression wear is the right choice for quality and value.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 3 cm

Small: 13.5" – 15" (34cm – 38cm), Medium: 15.5" – 17" (39cm – 43cm), Large: 17.5" – 19" (44cm – 48cm), X-Large 19.5" – 21" (49cm – 53cm)


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