Elbow Support System: copper compression sleeve + elbow brace

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Elbow Support System with Copper Compression Elbow Support Sleeve and Elbow Brace. Lightweight, Anti-Slip, for Tennis or Golfers Elbow Pain.

Select your sleeve size below by measuring the circumference of your arm around the bicep area – generally 5″ (13cm) above your elbow joint.



Elbow support system with copper compression elbow support sleeve and elbow brace for support and recovery. Lightweight and anti-slip, perfect for tennis or golfers elbow pain.

Is tennis elbow pain losing you points on court?
Is your elbow so sore that you can’t keep your golf ball on the fairway?
Do you have a stiff arm after typing on your keyboard all day?
Need extra joint support to help with those heavy lifts in the gym?
Too many trips to the physio?

We’re here to help! The new ionocore® elbow support system with copper sleeve and brace is designed to offer the solution.

  • ELBOW SUPPORT SLEEVE – 88% copper compression elbow support sleeve provides maximum joint support and compression fit without restricting movement, mobility or blood flow.
  • ELBOW SUPPORT BRACE STRAP – Golf & Tennis Elbow Arm Strap – Lightweight and Adjustable with EVA Compression Pad – One-Size fits most
  • ELBOW PAIN RELIEF – the unisex elbow brace from ionocore combined with compression is the perfect solution to persistent elbow pain from racket sports and keyboard/computer use. May also help with sports injuries such as tendinitis, sprains, epicondylitis, golfers elbow and injuries from manual labour, as well as support for weightlifting in the gym.
  • ACCELERATE RECOVERY – compression has been proven to stimulate better blood flow and increased circulation to aid recovery of injured or strained muscles and joints, as well as the joint pain such as arthritis, tennis elbow and golfers elbow.
  • COMFORTABLE, DURABLE & ANTI-SLIP – quality and unique nylon/spandex composite for men and women. The lightweight and breathable high performance fabrics mean your skin can breathe whilst still providing thermal comfort.

The unisex innovative elbow support system can be used by men and women who play tennis, golf, squash, badminton, snooker, pool or train for crossfit or weight lifting fitness exercises. The ionocore® elbow brace and sleeve may also reduce pain associated with frequent use of computers, arthritis, tendinitis, and sprains. Simply slip on the sleeve and add the brace on top. It can be worn on either arm.

The copper compression elbow sleeve is made from 88% copper nylon spandex – slim, comfortable, durable and anti-slip for long-lasting support.

A durable, high-quality hoop and loop double velcro elbow strap allows for fully adjustable and customisable compression levels to suit based on personal requirements and pain levels. The medical grade EVA pad technology provides precise pressure to the tendons for perfect relief.

Care and fitting instructions included.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 2.5 cm

Small: 8" – 10" (20cm – 25cm), Medium: 10.5" – 12" (27cm – 31cm), Large: 12.5" – 14" (32cm – 36cm), X-Large: 14.5" – 16" (37cm – 41cm)

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  1. 5 out of 5

    I have been using this system for the last 3 days and found the sleeve rather tight but David is very kindly sending me a larger size at no cost. The elbow brace has given me almost instant relief from an agonisingly painful elbow and forearm. I imagine with the new sleeve combined with the brace the relief will be complete!! I can recommend this product very highly and I am so pleased went to IONOCORE website.I am sure this product will many, many people great relief. I give this product 10 out of 10 a big 5 stars

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